Funds and Endowments

Our funds and endowments offer ways for donors to direct their gifts to specific purposes. Several were established as legacy gifts by library supporters and have been added to by their families, friends and others with similar interests. We welcome gifts to any of these funds. Please browse the list below to identify an area you wish to support or contact the Library Director to discuss current library priorities. These funds play an important role in creating a stable financial base for the library’s future.

Funds and Endowments List

Joyner Library Priority Fund

This fund is used to quickly respond to emerging issues and student, faculty and staff needs. Gifts to this fund have contributed to the purchase of technology, art, public programs, and awards to honor research and scholarship. You may designate your gift to the Joyner Library Priority Fund with a focused intent or as an unrestricted gift to be used for the library’s priorities.

Donald R. Lennon University Archives Endowment

The University Archives collects, preserves, and makes available the official records of East Carolina University, the papers of ECU faculty, and material reflecting student life throughout the university’s history. The Endowment is named in honor of the former Director of the East Carolina Manuscript Collection and Coordinator of Special Collections who played a key role in establishing the University Archives. This endowment improves access and preservation of University Archives collections.

Friends of Joyner Library Endowment

The Friends of Joyner Library was established to foster the role of Joyner Library as a university and global resource. The Friends of Joyner Library Endowment is used for collection development, facility upgrades, staff support, student and faculty recognitions, and special programs. Earnings from the corpus are deposited into the Friends of Joyner Library operating budget.

George C. Smith Library Enrichment Fund

Established in November 1986 in the memory of George C. Smith by his wife Rebecca McCulloch Smith and son John Randolph Smith, this fund is available to the Director of Academic Library Services to meet needs not provided for by State appropriations.

Herrin Endowment

Established in June of 2000 by Virginia Herrin, this discretionary endowment is used toward the purchase of research materials and for other library needs.

Langford Endowment

This endowment was established in October of 2000 by Verona Lee Joyner Langford and Fred Timms Langford for the purchase of books, publications, equipment, and furnishings which supplement education and research.

Michael F. Bassman Honors College Research Award Endowment

This fund is used to recognize the academic research accomplishments of students in the Honors College who exemplify the ideals of strong character and a commitment to the importance of research in personal academic achievement.

Minnie Marguerite Wiggins Endowment

Established in May of 2001 by Minnie Marguerite Wiggins, this endowment is used solely for purchasing materials for the Verona Joyner Langford North Carolina Collection.

Music Library Fund

The Music Library is a gem in the Pirate Treasure Chest. In addition to serving the students and faculty in the ECU School of Music and School of Theater and Dance, the Music Library is a haven for music lovers, musicians, and music educators in eastern North Carolina. The collection includes recorded sound, videos, music scores, books, journals, and other formats on every musical style and genre from classical to rock to reggae. This fund is used for collections, technology, and other Music Library needs.

Naval History Endowment

Designed to support acquisition and preservation of naval history materials for the Manuscript Collection, the Naval History Endowment was established in 1996 by The U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1941.

Preservation and Conservation Fund

The preservation and conservation fund was established in 1998 to provide equipment, tools, and materials to ensure that library collections are available for the education and scholarship of present and future generations of the Pirate Nation. The library has an outstanding conservation laboratory where highly skilled technicians conserve books, documents, works of art on paper, and photographs. This fund can also be used for outsourcing complex conservation projects to experts in the field.

Professor Bodo Nischan Manuscript Endowment

Established in August 2002 by Mrs. Gerda Nischan in memory of her husband Professor Bodo Nischan, this endowment supports the purchase of materials for the Manuscript Collection in Special Collections.

Ronnie Barnes African-American Resource Center Endowment

Established in March 2002 by Ronnie Barnes to collect materials about the legacy and future of Blacks in eastern North Carolina and the southeast, funds are used to purchase books and other materials for students to learn about the African-American experience. The Ronnie Barnes African-American Resource Center is located in the Teaching Resources Center.

Sara Batten Endowment

Established in 1995 by Dr. James W. Batten for his wife Sarah, this endowment provides monetary support with primary emphasis on the acquisition and cataloging of historical documents and archival research materials in the Manuscript Collection and the University Archives.

SHRA Scholarship Fund

Established in August of 2000, this fund provides scholarships for Joyner Library SHRA employees pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any discipline.

Teaching Resources Center Fund

Established in 2014, this fund provides materials, equipment, furnishings, student employees, and infrastructure upgrades that enhance the individual and group student learning experience within the Teaching Resources Center.