Use Guidelines

Using the Research Room

All material from our Manuscript, Rare Book, and University Archives collections, plus rare books from the North Carolina Collection, must be used in the Research Room. (We’re happy to help you with other North Carolina Collection material, too, but these rules don’t apply to the microfilm or to the reference and circulating books).

Because so much of our material is unique, rare, or fragile, we ask researchers to follow the below rules when they are signed in to the Research Room.

  • Registration and Photo ID: In order to use the Research Room, you’ll need to register with us and show us a photo ID (for example, an ECU 1 Cards or a driver’s license).
  • Personal Belongings: You are welcome to bring a laptop, cell phone, camera, pencils, and notebook or paper into the Research Room. Other belongings – especially bags, jackets, food, drink, gum, and tobacco products – will need to remain outside. We have lockers you can use to store those items during your visit.
  • Writing Utensils: You are welcome to bring pencils, but we don’t allow pens or markers in the Research Room. We have extra pencils if you need one.
  • One at a Time: You can request multiple boxes or books, but we will only bring you one at a time – just let us know when you’re ready for the next one! If you’re using a Manuscript or University Archives box, make sure to keep folders and documents in order by only removing one folder at a time and marking your spot with an out card. If materials seem out of order, tell us – don’t try to rearrange them yourself.
  • Handle with Care: Please handle material gently. Keep unbound documents flat on the table (don’t hold them in the air or on your lap). If a rare book won’t open to a wide angle, don’t force it; use a book futon or foam wedges to support the sides. You may not remove documents from the Research Room under any circumstances.
  • Clean Hands and Gloves: If you find metal objects or photographs, ask staff for a pair of gloves. For books, paper, and most other material, you won’t need gloves – just make sure your hands are clean and have been recently washed.
  • Copyright and Permissions: The University holds copyright to some of our material, but in other cases copyright may be held by the original creators or their heirs. Researchers are responsible for obtaining permission to publish material from the copyright holders.
  • Copying and Scanning: You are welcome to take photos of material with a handheld camera or cell phone. We also have a scanner you can use in the Research Room, but please check with us before scanning material since some items may be too fragile to scan.

Copying, Digitization, and Permissions

Our staff provides as a service a minimum amount of reproductions and/or scans of material. Staff limitations do not permit the copying and/or scanning of large amounts of material, nor does collection policy permit the copying and/or scanning of restricted material.

Patrons may e-mail, fax or mail a Photocopied Reproductions Order Form or an Image Order Form to the staff. The Special Collections fax number is 252-328-0268 and our mailing address is:

Manuscripts and Digital Curation Department
J. Y. Joyner Library
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858

Before sending any order forms please contact staff via our Ask a Librarian service and describe your request. You will then be contacted by a staff member to discuss your request.

For reproduction fees, please see the Reproduction Fee Schedule. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY FORM OF PAYMENT FOR ANY ORDER UNTIL YOU ARE BILLED BY STAFF. Patrons must request reproductions using the following forms:

Photocopy Requests – Photocopied Reproductions Order Form

Photos, Negatives and/or Digitized Images – Image Order Form

Researchers seeking to publish materials from the department’s holdings must obtain permissions. Literary rights to collections may not necessarily be in the public domain. Researchers should consult a copyright attorney if they have questions concerning the legality of publishing specific documents.

Patrons who wish to publish materials must complete a Request to Reproduce or Publish Special Collections Materials form. For more information on how to submit your completed form, please contact our staff via our Ask a Librarian service.

Note: By reproducing materials for patrons, the Special Collections department does not waive any ownership or copyright protection or restriction that it may have, or that may be retained by the donor, lender, or creator of any collection materials; nor does it grant any permission to sell, reproduce, publish, or donate any such collection materials to any other individual or organization. The patron assumes all responsibility for possible infringement of copyrights and/or literary property rights in the act of copying or in the subsequent use of the copies.