Schedule Library Instruction

Are your students prepared to find high-quality sources for their class assignments? Would you like them to learn more about the collections and services available at Joyner Library?  Library instruction is tailored to meet the needs of your specific class or assignment. Your students will discover the best places to find sources for their research-based projects, will learn effective search strategies for database research, and get valuable tips on evaluating and citing their sources.  We offer a range of seated and virtual instruction options below; if some other format is preferable, please get in touch and let us know how we can best support your students.  Our consultation service, “Book a Librarian,” is also available in person and virtually, including via WebEx, phone, and email.

  • Instruction sessions at the library
    Bring your students to the library for a librarian-led session held in one of our classroom spaces.
  • Virtual library instruction
    We can participate in live virtual sessions for your classes, for example WebEx or Teams.  We can also record asynchronous video presentations.
  • Class drop-ins
    We can drop by your classroom to teach students about quality information resources, effective search strategies, and can answer research-related questions.  Let us know whether you would prefer a short drop-in for 15-45 minutes or a full class period.
  • Working sessions
    We can schedule a class period at the library for your students to independently search for information with a librarian on hand to assist.  Working sessions can also be conducted virtually.
  • Tour your library
    We can provide your class with a tour of the physical building, emphasizing collections and resources relevant to your assignments.

Request an Instruction Session

Research & Instructional Services

Joyner’s Research & Instructional Services Department offers library instruction services to main campus. Instruction sessions are taught by librarians, who tailor the content to the specific class assignment and the students’ research needs.

North Carolina and Special Collections Instruction

Special Collections instruction includes archival literacy, primary and secondary source distinction, critical analysis of materials, bibliographic and database instruction, and how to find and use Special Collections materials. We also offer instruction tailored to enhance learning of historical topics.

Teaching Resources Center Instruction

Faculty in the College of Education, the Department of Human Development & Family Science, and other departments teaching courses that include Preschool – Grade 12 literature and resources and research may request TRC course specific instruction sessions and general orientations.

Music Library Instruction

Please schedule an appointment with a member of the Music Library’s information professionals’ team to discuss options and schedule instruction.