Camera Accessory Kits

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Joyner Library circulates 2 types of Camera Accessory Kits.

The general Camera Accessory Kit includes the following: 1 accessory backpack, 1 HDMI cable, 1 tripod and bag, 1 rotating bracket kit, 1 handheld camera strap, 1 lighting kit, and 1 video microphone.

The Lens and Filter Kit includes the following: 1 lens cleaning kit, 1 lens hood kit, 1 close-up lens kit, 2 telephoto lenses (a 2.2x Auto Focus Lens and a 0.43 Wide Angle Lens), 1 lens filter kit, and 1 carrying case.

Loan Period

7 days

Hold Policy

This item will be held at the circulation desk for approximately 3 days after you receive an email confirmation for pick-up.

No. of Renewals


Fine Rate

$5 per day

Max Fine


Replacement Cost

Lost or damaged equipment or parts of equipment will be charged at the current replacement rate from the library’s preferred vendors plus a processing fee.