Thesis and Dissertation Digitization Project

The thesis digitization project is digitizing approximately 1,000 theses and dissertations and adding them to The ScholarShip, ECU’s Institutional Repository (IR). While many of ECU’s recent theses and dissertations are available online through our IR and ProQuest’s subscription database, most older ones are only available as physical copies within the library.

Expanding access to these theses and dissertations supports ECU’s and the University of North Carolina (UNC) System’s efforts to prioritize continuing education and professional development. In particular, this project aligns with ECU’s mission statement to discover “new knowledge and innovations to support a thriving future for eastern North Carolina and beyond” and by sharing this knowledge, we support the success of our current, former, and future students, as well as help to enable regional transformation.

As the project moves forward, we will be making efforts to contact alumni to notify them of their digitized thesis or dissertation. Authors have the ability to choose access settings to their work and they will also be able to have an electronic version of it.

If you are an author of an ECU thesis or dissertation written between 1920 and 2010 and do not want the full text open access in ECU’s institutional repository, please contact us at or use our Thesis or Dissertation Digitization Consent form.

For more information about the project or to discuss rights and access to a work, please contact us at