Support of Open Access Week 2023

ECU Academic Library Services supports International Open Access Week, Oct. 23-29, which is an annual global event dedicated to promoting the principles of open access and the benefits it brings to our academic community. This year’s focus is on the power of “Community over Commercialization,” underlining the idea that knowledge is a collective endeavor that thrives when shared freely.

Why Open Access Matters to Faculty:

Increased Visibility: Open access publications enable your research to reach a wider audience, increasing the visibility and impact of your work.
Cost Savings: Your students can access course materials and research resources for free or at a lower cost, reducing financial barriers to education.
Collaboration and Innovation: Open access facilitates collaboration and the sharing of ideas, which can lead to innovative breakthroughs in research and teaching.
Community Engagement: Engaging with the broader academic community fosters valuable connections and promotes the sharing of knowledge.

Find out more about ways Open Access is supported here by ECU Libraries:

Open Access Publishing Support Fund: Helps fund article processing fees for open access publishing.
Library Publishing Agreements: Allows authors to publish open access in certain journals with the fee waived or reduced.
Our Institutional Repository, The ScholarShip: Where traditionally published articles can be made open access after an embargo period.
Dataverse: An open repository for data.
The Alternative Textbook Program: Supports faculty in converting their courses to materials free for students.
Pressbooks: A software that allows faculty to create and adapt open textbooks and other course materials.
Open Science Framework: A repository for pre-prints, pre-registrations, data, and code.

Join us in celebrating Open Access Week 2023, and let’s work together to build a more open, interconnected and equitable academic environment. #OAWeek2023

Please contact or publishing and open access support librarian Allison Kaefring at for more information or with any questions!