Thompson student award winners honored

A ceremony for the 2022-23 Marie & James Thompson Student Employee Awards brought winners to the Janice Hardison Faulkner Gallery to be honored for their work. They also were joined by family and friends in celebration.

Announced award-winners were John Chappell, Madison Craft, Denasia Mabine and Kaylin Ward.

Award winners, from left, John Chappell, Kaylin Ward, Denasia Mabine and Madison Craft.

Photos of the winners and more from the ceremony are available here.

“Our applicants were all high-achieving students who managed to juggle school, work and personal commitments, and we were impressed with the glowing recommendations they received from their supervisors and the overall work ethic we saw being demonstrated by our applicants,” said Eryn Staib, Academic Library Services Student Engagement and Outreach Specialist and committee chair for the Marie & James Thompson Student Employee Awards. “Our four winners stood out by demonstrating the very best qualities. The committee read about instances of kindness, perseverance, dedication and resiliency on top of your academic and work accomplishments. You should all feel very proud of the work you’ve done at the library, and we look forward to hearing about your future endeavors.”

Chappell (Music in Vocal Performance) and Craft (English) were listed as undergraduate students, and Mabine (Counselor Education) and Ward (School Psychology) as graduate students.

Staib and Marie Thompson provided remarks during the ceremony. The other presenters were Kevin-Andrew Cronin, Music Library Access Services Supervisor, Chrissy Teague as Academic Library Services’ student hiring manger and William Gee, Head of Circulation and Interlibrary Loan.

Library director Jan Lewis provided closing comments about the students’ accomplishments and reliability.

“I’m always impressed when I hear about the accomplishments of our student employees and all the contributions they’ve made to their departments and beyond that, to the library and students, faculty, staff and to the community the library serves,” Lewis said. “You really do have such an impact. We can’t run the library without you.”