The East Carolinian highlights reading resources

The Circulation Department and the Teaching Resources Center at the ECU main campus library love to showcase book displays, whether monthly or theme-generated.

As featured in this story by The East Carolinian, July was staff picks month in the Ann B. Laliotes Reading Room near Starbucks. August is college success and our national parks.

“Also, in that reading room we have what we call the popular reading selection, which are a lot of books that are deemed to be kind of popular interest. They’re not the typical scholarly kind of books that we have in the rest of the library collection,” William Gee, head of circulation and interlibrary loan, told the student newspaper as part of the summer feature. “They’re more for just general reading. … It’s a space with some soft seating, some nice chairs and windows, and then all of those bookcases as well in that front space right beside the lobby entrance of the library.”

Continue to look at our displays for new themes and books!