Student stories: Contributing to the administrative office

Student employment opportunities greatly benefit the Main Campus Library, including in the administrative office. The students listed below worked the 2021-22 academic year on various projects, and they graciously helped recently in implementing new students into the office for summer hours.

Here are some of their reflections about working in the library:

Jaylyn Johnson

During my time working with the Academic Library Services I have grown exponentially. I was the first
Administrative Office Assistant hired in 2021, which has provided me with many leadership opportunities. I have been able to take lead roles on group projects and continue to assist my colleagues with any of their questions or concerns. One project I am especially proud to be a part of is the large-scale poster printing. I was involved with meeting with various departments to ensure all materials were in place and ready for hundreds of posters that would be sent from around East Carolina University. I recently had the chance to partner with the Honors College to provide assistance with the 40-plus posters that needed to be printed for the Honors Final Pitches. I am very thankful to have the support and connections the library, and specifically the ALS department, have provided.


Madison Pearson

Working as an Administrative Office Assistant for Academic Library Services has provided me with an abundance of opportunities. I have gained skills in communication, collaboration and leadership through the various projects we complete on a daily basis. I continue to learn every day as I continue to work to provide various media content with my colleagues under the Assistant Director of Assessment and Engagement, Heather White. Some of my most enjoyable creations have been the monthly issues of the Stall Seat Journal, the Friends of the Library newsletter and the posters we put up to advertise various events at the library like Exam Slam and Popcorn and Printing. I am continuously thankful for the experiences and connections I have made while being part of the ALS team.


Allison Davis

I have been part of the Administrative Office team since August 2021 and have had many opportunities I would have never imagined had I not been added to the team. I have learned skills about how to collaborate with others, edit media content, provide detail-oriented feedback and include insightful input. I have been able to learn more about the hiring process and assist in important administrative tasks. I continue to work alongside important staff and faculty who have taught me how important professionalism is in all career fields. I am especially proud to share the things I have learned here with local middle and high school students that visited the library. I continue to be thankful for the connections and supportive staff in the Administrative Suite.


Darden Meyer

During my time here at Academic Library Services as an Administrative student I have been able to experience new opportunities and expand my skills significantly. I have been a part of this amazing Administrative Office team since August 2021 and have learned many marketing techniques, edited documents and provided insight on other projects. I have been able to get hands-on experience of the hiring process and been shown what true professionalism looks like in the workplace. I worked alongside Heather White, Assistant Director of Assessment and Engagement, on posters for the Pirates Aboard event. I am most proud of the change I made to the Stall Seat Journal back in December 2021. I will forever be grateful for the connections I have made and the skills I have learned as an Administrative Student and will take what I have learned and use it in my future endeavors.