Dr. David Dennard “Making the Case for Black History Month in 2022 and Beyond”

Dr. David Dennard, emeritus professor of history at ECU, will give a talk, “Making the Case for Black History Month in 2022 and Beyond,” on Feb. 16 at 4pm.

Dr. Dennard’s talk is being co-sponsored by ECU’s Academic Library Services, the Pitt County Historical Society, and the ECU Department of History.

Attendance Options: Please note: This event is going to occur both “in-person” as well as virtually.

In person 
Wednesday, Feb. 16, at 4pm
in the Janice Hardison Faulkner Gallery,
Joyner Library, ECU

We will also have a virtual attendance option via zoom. To register for the virtual zoom option please visit the Pitt County Historical Society events page:


Dr. David C. Dennard Making the Case for Black History Month Feb. 16 2022

Additionally, Academic Library Services joins the History Department in offering  huge congratulations for Dr. David Dennard on his new appointment as Professor Emeritus!

Professor Emeritus Dennard was the first African American professor of history at ECU and one of the founding faculty and first Director of the African and African American Studies program. He also assumed various leadership roles in community initiatives seeking to improve human relations and advance the cause of social justice, well exemplifying the university’s motto of service.

Read more about Professor Emeritus Dennard’s contributions here: https://collectio.ecu.edu/…/People/David-Charles-Dennard