The Colonel Richard M. and Betty Debnam Hunt Dedication


Photograph of Betty Debnam Hunt in recent years [from Brown-Wynne Funeral Home, as published in Hunt’s obituary in the Raleigh News and Observer

As part of East Carolina University’s 2021 Homecoming festivities, the library was honored to dedicate The Colonel Richard M. and Betty Debnam Hunt Teaching Resources Center.


Betty Debnam Hunt, a teacher turned journalist, created and edited the nationally syndicated educational newspaper for kids, The Mini Page for 37 years. Betty strongly believed that The Mini Page gave newspapers a chance to step into the field of elementary education and that elementary education could start at any age. – A 1997 issue of The Mini Page featuring Pirates – ARRRGH!

In 1978, Betty married Col. Richard M. Hunt who had recently retired from the Marines. Hunt had spent years previous to his military service as a reporter at the News & Observer, and on a return visit the two met.

MMP 1.B10.F1.3b: Snapshot of 1st Lt. Richard M. Hunt pictured in the cockpit of his U.S. Marine Corps Piper Cub airplane, parked on an island in the Pacific Theater [believed around Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands] during World War II. On the side of his plane’s nose is seen some of the station locations Hunt flew in the plane, including Guadalcanal and Cape Gloucester (circa 1944).

After their marriage they moved to Washington, D.C., where Hunt served as a military advisor to former Vice President Hubert Humphrey. The two shared many adventures such as traveling to many locations including Saudi Arabia, France, Australia, New Zealand and sites in this country, while Betty was “on assignment for The Mini Page.”

In July 2012, Faculty, family, and other guests gathered to dedicate the Betty Debnam Hunt Instructional Technology Classroom. Photos by Linda Fox

Betty is pictured here with Library Director Jan Lewis.

Betty once said,“I want to be remembered as an educator. One who brought powerful content to children.”

Within The Colonel Richard M. and Betty Debnam Hunt Teaching Resources Center, her wishes and legacy will be fulfilled for years to come.






The Mini Page is a four-page weekly newspaper feature directed to kids but of interest to readers of all ages. The feature has won many awards for excellence in educational journalism and has appeared in as many as 500 newspapers. This digital archive provides online access to issues published from August 1969 to May 2007, the period during which founder Betty Debnam was editor.