Y’all Means All- National Coming Out Day

In Our Library – Y’all Does Mean All!

Happy National Coming Out Day – and a huge thank you to all of our library employees that push for equity and inclusion of all, every day. Below check out library employees that participated in ECU’s “Y’all Means All” Campaign, and hear why this work is so important to them. 

“Living in a world filled with racism, sexism, injustices, transphobia, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination and hatred, individuals from these underrepresented segments of our community crave and deserve a place to be unapologetically their authentic selves. Thank you ECU for being that place for LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff in eastern NC.” – Alan Bailey, Professor & Head of Services Teaching Resources Center

“As a recently out queer person, this campaign is important to me for many reasons. Showing students and fellow faculty and staff that there are members of the community represented on campus helps create a feeling of inclusion and acceptance, if not one of safety. “Y’all Means All” extends into the deep reaches of our community – it includes ALL persons in the LGBTQIA2S community, those of all races, religions, ability, gender, ethnicity, economic status, educational background, age, etc. Creating a feeling of safety for the diverse people in our community is of the utmost import to me, and I hope that by participating in this campaign I can help to cultivate that sense of safety and belonging for my fellow LGBTQ+ siblings.” – Jo Overstreet, MSLS Outreach and Instruction Librarian, Special Collections (they/them)

“Y’all Mean All is important to me because I think everyone should have the same opportunity to have friends, love and be loved. I think these are human rights.” – Cindy Shirkey. Liaison Coordinator and Collection Strategist Main Campus Library

“This is important to me, because showing visible support is imperative for individuals to understand that there is network here for when they need us and anything less than equality for everyone won’t be tolerated.” – Jennifer Daugherty, Head, North Carolina Collection Special Collections Division, Main Campus Library

“Everyone deserves the freedom to shine their light and be their authentic selves. To live and love fully, and to not just be tolerated, but truly welcomed and included. It’s important to me to be a visible ally and advocate- I have so many dear friends and family members that identify within the LGBTQ community.” – Amy Curtis, Science Librarian, Library Assistant Professor Research & Instructional Services

“I love the inclusive message behind the Y’all Means All campaign! As a library staff member, I want our students, faculty, and staff in the LGBTQ community to feel supported and welcomed in our library spaces at ECU, whether on campus or virtual. Participating in the Y’all Means All campaign is one way to show my support.” – Amanda Vinogradov, Metadata Technician Special Collections Cataloging, Main Campus Library

“I enjoy working in libraries because they are sources of inclusion for all. Libraries help support the y’all means all campaign.” Ralph Scott, Professor, Curator of Rare Books and Maps, Special Collections

“Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are vitally important to the work we do not just in the library, but here on campus and in our community as a whole. I want everyone to know they are not just welcome, but loved.” – Amanda Hartman McLellan Assistant Director for Discovery and Technology Services

“For me, Y’all Means All is personal and this campaign is about crafting a more equitable and just world for my children, for all children because equity means we are a campus in which everyone has the opportunity to learn, be valued, and celebrated for who they are, not despite it. Let me say that again…… For who we are… not despite it. Equity is NOT an outcome, it’s a process, and my hope is that all of us at ECU will remain steadfast, and committed to that process to create a better ECU for everyone because Y’all Does Mean All!” -Heather White, Assistant Director for Assessment & Engagement, Main Campus Library

To learn more about East Carolina University’s “Y’all Means All” Campaign and the Dr. Jesse R. Peel LGBTQ Center please visit: