Moseley Map Restoration Unveiling

As part of East Carolina University’s 2021 Homecoming festivities, the library is officially unveiling the Moseley Map Restoration! 


Join us in the fourth floor reading room to see the 1733 Moseley map of North Carolina and hear about some of the behind-the-scenes treatments undertaken to complete its recent, year-long restoration. This iconic map presents the newly divided royal colony of North Carolina in exceptionally detailed accuracy and fidelity; details which have been revealed by the digital imaging that had been done to document the map’s past and the work undertaken to preserve it for the future.


Maps are for sale today in the lobby on first floor of the library.

The Friends of Joyner Library sell prints of historic maps depicting 18th century eastern North Carolina as well as prints by the late Bob Pittman, one of our region’s most admired artists. All proceeds benefit the Friends of Joyner Library.

About the Friends of Joyner Library: The Friends of Joyner Library is the oldest Friends group at ECU. The Friends was established to foster the role of Joyner Library as a university and global resource. The Friends sponsor student and faculty awards and programs that highlight the library’s resources. Funds raised by the group are also used to develop and preserve collections and upgrade library facilities.