Pirates For Academic Success

About this Student Led Project:

These videos will not only provide student’s resources and important information, but since these videos are created by students, they are more likely to be understood by students

Project Goals:

The goal of our group is offering students a centralized hub online to access videos on popular software used across campus, information on learning styles, class preparation and planning, and information on other resources that ECU provides.

What Inspired this Project:

Dropout rates and academic probation is a significant problem at any university and has only escalated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on data that was received from the ECU admission office in 2019, one thousand students drop out each year due to academic problems. While dropout and retention rates affect students, they also affect the budget of the school and the resources they can provide students.

The pandemic has forced students to transition to online learning environments with little to no transition period. Transitioning to online classes has made it more difficult for students to learn effectively and efficiently. The university has made some efforts to combat this with introducing the pass or fail options for students.

This week’s featured video:

Pirates for Academic Success - Brief Overview of Joyner Library's Website

Check out other videos in the series:

Meet the students leading this Initiative:

Lucas Tripp: Exercise Physiology

Mackenzie Kirby: Biology

Ben Coil: Public Health

Allison Levesque: Accounting

Chris DePerno: Business

Tanner Wittig: Criminal Justice