Joyner Library champions student perseverance

Joyner Library held its first Long Night Against Procrastination event on Wednesday, Feb. 28 from 6-10 p.m. in the Gateway Sounds at the top of College Hill. The format of the Long Night is a “buckle down session” where students come to study, collaborate with other students in a study group, or work on midterm projects before leaving for spring break.

The event follows the model created by other large academic libraries nationwide and was planned by research librarians in Joyner Library, with help from the Teaching Resources Center and the Music Library. Campus Housing and the Pirate Academic Success Center were also consulted during the organization of the event.

Katy Webb, the head of research and instructional services for Joyner Library, said, “This event is meant to help students engage with their studies during a stressful part of the semester midterms. When I was a student, I was just trying to make it to spring break so that I could have a bit of time to unwind. This event is meant to help students reach that final finish line after all of their hard work. The library wanted to reward students for their perseverance and help them in any way we could.”

The library provided research help, free printing and food for participants.

The event was not limited to freshmen. Outreach was conducted to the living-learning communities, students living in campus housing, and to students preparing to go on an alternative spring break trip through the LGBT Center.

“It made me motivated to focus while surrounded by other people working,” reported Niamh Massey, a freshman living in the Honors College Living Learning Community.

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