Ann Rhem Schwarzmann Production Center

The Ann Rhem Schwarzmann Production Center is open for use by ECU students, faculty, and staff as well as eastern North Carolina educators who have an Educator Library Card. The room is designed to assist in the creation and preparation of materials used in lesson units, classrooms, and presentations.

The Ann Rhem Schwarzmann Production Center is located on the second floor of Joyner Library in the Teaching Resources Center (TRC), and is available for use when the TRC service desk is open. Staff is available to assist patrons with any equipment operations in the center.

All East Carolina University students, faculty, and staff are able to use the Production Center. Area educators who would like to use the Production Center may do so by obtaining an Educator Library Card from the circulation desk on the first floor. Area educators must be located within the Walter and Daisy Carson Latham Clinical Schools Network to qualify.

To use Production Center resources or make purchases from the Production Center or 3D Print Studio, please bring one of the following:

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Available Equipment

The Production Center contains the following equipment:

Production Center Use Guidelines

  1. The Production Center is only open when the TRC Service Desk is open. Check our hours page for more information.
  2. Please provide one of the following to use the center:
    • ECU 1 Card
    • Educator Library Card + Photo ID
  3. Each individual receives the following free allotments per semester:
    • 10 feet of lamination per semester
    • 5 buttons per semester
    • 5 plastic binding combs per semester
  4. To purchase any services/materials from the Production Center, please bring one of the following to the Circulation Desk to buy a cash card:
    • ECU 1 Card
    • Educator Library Card + Photo ID
  5. Use of the Production Center is first come, first served. Please be considerate of your fellow patrons and limit your time when others are waiting to use the center. The maximum occupancy of the classroom is 48 (forty-eight) people.
  6. Equipment is for use in this center only.
  7. Please be sure to leave the center neat & orderly.