University Archives

About University Archives

We are the repository for East Carolina University records – including documents created by ECU’s schools and departments, student groups, faculty members, presidents and chancellors, and administrative offices. We serve the university community by acting as a final, central repository for ECU records that are deemed to be of historical value. We also collect and preserve material related to student life, academics, ECU athletics, and other activities that are part of the University’s operations.

We do not manage current, active records. If you work at ECU and have a question about the records your office currently keeps or uses, please contact Records Management.

School of Music Recordings

Joyner Library maintains audio files of select performances from the School of Music from approximately 2008 to the present.

Request your recorded School of Music performance (requires Pirate ID)

Building Histories

Learn about the histories of ECU’s past and present campus buildings.

View ECU building histories

Faculty Listing

An alphabetical list of past ECU faculty members.

View faculty listing