Music Library Video Tutorials

Whether you’re studying music or theatre & dance, you will need to use books, scores, and other items offered by the Joyner or Music libraries. The short video tutorials on this page will help you navigate our libraries, understand the services we provide, and guide you towards finding our best music and theatre & dance resources. Refer to the appropriate section of videos below to learn more.

General Information

These videos introduce the viewer to the music library space, its collection, and the services we provide, including a tutorial on making interlibrary loan (ILL) requests and using WorldCat to find items not available in the Joyner or Music libraries.




These videos are intended for music students. They provide a step-by-step guide to the music research process, a tour of important resources in the music library, an overview of the best music databases, and protips for finding music in the library catalog.


Theatre & Dance

These videos are designed for theatre & dance students. They introduce basic resources and services at the Joyner and Music libraries, a tour of theatre & dance books at Joyner, a summary of essential music library resources for theatre & dance students, an overview of the best databases to use, and a tutorial for finding resources in the library catalog.