Our Mission and Vision


Joyner Library is the intellectual heart of East Carolina University. We serve ECU’s campus and distance education communities, act as a resource for the people of eastern North Carolina, and support ECU’s contributions to the research community worldwide. We connect people to information and empower their lifelong learning by developing robust collections, superior services, and people-friendly spaces.


Joyner Library will be a dynamic leader among academic libraries.

We will engage students, faculty, and staff in their campus learning environments and daily lives. Through our quality collections, innovative services and collaborative workspaces, we will remove barriers between people and information. Library services to distance learners will be a national model. Joyner Library will acquire and preserve unique collections, including those documenting regional history and culture, and our digitization program will make them available worldwide. Through strong partnerships with libraries, educators, and the private sector, Joyner Library will be a catalyst for positive change in Eastern North Carolina.