‘Superhero work’ by interlibrary loan

Timeliness and accuracy are pillars of the ECU Libraries interlibrary loan and document delivery services.

Whether it’s through interlibrary loan borrowing — when ECU does not have a specific resource, but can request it – or document delivery directly to an email account, services aim to fulfill student, staff and faculty research and other needs.

As assistant professor Dr. Helen Dixon recently experienced with a request, the ILL process worked perfectly for her. She described it as quick and easy.

“I was just wowed by how quickly you got me this reference, in under 10 minutes, and have complimented you to a faculty member in the Department of English,” said Dixon, who is in the Department of History and specializes in Phoenician history and culture in the first millennium BCE. “Thank you for making my research possible. … You all are incredibly quick and good at what you do. Thank you.

“I regularly am searching for old archaeological reports in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Hebrew and Arabic, making the superhero level work our ILL team does even more impressive.”

The three main areas of interlibrary loan services are interlibrary loan borrowing, document delivery and lending to other libraries and institutions. Document delivery is when requested copies of articles from the main campus library or music library collections are delivered quickly via email.

See more information about all of the services at https://illiad.lib.ecu.edu/illiad/.

Check out frequently asked questions, answered here.